Our glass-fronted snack vending machines are among the most efficient on the market. And we offer a huge variety of snacks of different brands with which to fill them.

Glass-fronted snack vending machine

High product visibility: easy to see the selection and stock levels. High capacity: a selection of up to 40 different snacks. Flexible: can hold snacks of all sizes. Choice of payment methods: contactless with card or smartphone, cash, etc. Eco mode: for minimal energy consumption during the night Touch screen (optional): can provide nutritional information on products and more. Want to put cold drinks and snacks in the same place? A glass-fronted model can be used as a combined vending machine.

Want to add more healthy, fair-trade or organic snacks to your assortment? Make your choice among more than 40 products of this type supplied by our high-quality partners. We offer a very wide selection of snacks. Take a look!

RiceUP! Dark chocolate Brown Rice Bar

A chocolate bar containing only natural ingredients. Free from gluten, MSG and palm oil. Enriched with magnesium and ProViotic, a probiotic that supports a healthy gut and a strong immune system. A snack that is both healthy and delicious.

Milka Choco Brownie

A moist brownie containing large Milka chocolate chunks, making it even more indulgent. The ultimate chocolate treat, with two pieces to share... or keep to yourself!

Be-Kind, with dark chocolate, walnuts and a touch of salt

An almond and peanut base, with dark chocolate and a touch of sea salt. A small tasty, fibre-rich energy bar for when you need a quick boost. Gluten-free and no added colourings, artificial flavourings or preservatives.

Fitspo Blueberry Flapjack

An energy bar with oat flakes and fruit. A healthy, vegan snack with no added sugar. Ideal for an energy boost before a workout session or a busy day in the office!

Forno Damiani Bio snack Schiacciatelle

An organic snack made in Italy Prepared with extra virgin olive oil and enhanced with turmeric and ginger. With nutritious pumpkin and sunflower seeds, it offers a mouth-watering choice for people who prefer a savoury snack. As well as being organic, it is vegan and halal.

Real-time stock level monitoring

Manage your snack stocks in real time with our cutting-edge monitoring system for vending machines, keeping them fully replenished and your customers satisfied.

Regular maintenance

We maintain your snack vending machines on a regular basis, to keep them delivering tasty treats and give you peace of mind.

Rapid assistance

Need rapid assistance for your snack vending machines? Our team is on hand to provide fast, efficient repairs and keep your customers satisfied.