Our mains-fed water coolers are connected directly to your mains water supply. This is the most environmentally-friendly hydration solution. Our coolers are available with chilled, hot and sparkling water options.

Why choose a mains-fed water cooler?

A sustainable solution Dispensers with high-capacity chilling (up to 150 litres of chilled water per hour!). All our dispensers are fitted with industry-leading systems to ensure impeccable hygiene. A wide choice of models tailored to your needs. View our best-selling models below.

The best way to enjoy mains water

At Finest Globe we use only Green Carbon filters, with removable and interchangeable filter cartridges. Why does that make all the difference? Because it helps us limit the amount of waste we generate each time we carry out maintenance. The only waste generated is charcoal, a natural material. The four keys to effective filtration: Removing all particles including PFAS. Eliminating odours and chlorine, to ensure the water has a pleasant taste. Reducing scale with food-grade polyphosphates. Preventing bacterial growth with silver ions.


Robust and stylish. This compact model can be either placed on a counter top or free-standing with its matching stand. Choice of capacity: from 20 to 65 litres of chilled water per hour. Large dispensing area. Copper anti-bacterial protection. Available with sparkling water option.


Very robust. Stainless steel finish. Foot pedal activated. With or without bubbler valve. Designed for easy filling of reusable bottles. High chilling capacity.

Oasis Aquila

User-friendly. Touch-free operation. UV anti-bacterial protection. Large dispensing area. Overflow system: any water that overflows is collected in a container.


Stylish, functional design. Sparkling water available, in addition to hot and chilled water. Overflow system: any water that overflows is collected in a container.

Regular maintenance

We provide regular maintenance for all our water cooler models.

Rapid assistance

Need assistance fast? Our team is on hand to provide fast, efficient repairs.

Immediate replacement

Should your water cooler develop a fault or need maintenance, our responsive team will replace it quickly.