Finest Globe has selected a range of high-quality products for you, many of which are organic and fair-trade. Enjoy the perfect brew while supporting socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly trade.

Our hot drinks

Our 100% Arabica coffee has a full, round and well-balanced flavour. It is organically farmed in northern Peru, in the Amazonian Andes, and fair trade certified. Our hot drink vending machines are among the best on the market. Many of them are bean-to-cup models, guaranteeing perfect, freshly-ground flavour and a premium brew that even the best barista would be proud of! Our wide range of hot drinks also includes flavoured coffees (hazelnut, vanilla, etc.), decaffeinated coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soup.

Our hot drink vending machines

Large touch-screen interface Product nutrition information is easy to find. Up to three coffee blends in a single machine. Customisable from among 100 different recipes. Wide selection of hot drinks: ordinary, flavoured or decaffeinated coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, etc.

How do you like your coffee?


Also known as a long coffee, an americano is made by adding hot water to an espresso. It is suitable for being served in a mug. This preparation method reduces bitterness. Perfect for those who like their coffee to last!


As its name suggests, an espresso is a coffee for people in a hurry! It is a short coffee with a concentrated, intense aroma, making it ideal for a quick, flavoursome energy boost.


More concentrated than an espresso, a ristretto is a very, very short shot of coffee. It contains the same amount of coffee as an espresso, but with half the water. For people who like coffee with a kick!


A cappuccino is a tasty coffee topped with creamy milk foam. Adding hazelnut or vanilla flavouring makes it an even more indulgent, for a special treat to be enjoyed with colleagues around the coffee machine.

Latte macchiato

A latte macchiato contains the same ingredients as a capuccino, but in different proportions and a different order. It is made with a hot milk base and a shot of espresso, and topped with milk foam. The perfect choice for lovers of milky coffee!


A mochaccino is a tasty, comforting blend of coffee and hot chocolate. Topped with a layer of frothy steamed milk, it keeps you going on a long winter’s day or, indeed, at any other time when you fancy a special treat.


The full flavour of coffee without the caffeine. A decaf is the perfect drink choice for the end of the day.

Real-time stock level monitoring

All our machines are fitted with telemetry systems that monitor them in real time.

Regular maintenance

Keep your vending machines in full working order with our professional regular maintenance service.

Rapid assistance

Need rapid assistance for your vending machines? We are on hand to provide fast, efficient customer support.