A bottled water cooler is the easy way to provide high-quality water in all settings.

From source to bottle

Our pure Bieauvita spring water is drawn from a source lying 100 metres deep. It contains a number of minerals which are essential for maintaining a healthy body, in proportions that do not hamper operation of the water cooler. All consumers love its neutral, thirst-quenching taste. It is the perfect water to drink from a cooler. Typical water analysis: Calcium 55.4 mg/LMagnesium 8.5 mg/LSodium 18.2 mg/LPotassium 4.1 mg/LNitrate 1.2 mg/LDry residue: 245 mg/L

Why choose a bottled water cooler?

No need for a water supply; all you need is a power socket. Spring water on tap at all times. Our F-Max model is the most energy-efficient and hygienic on the market. Our bottles are reused up to 50 times, then recycled. Need to install a cooler in a specific setting? Get in touch, it would be our pleasure to advise you.

24-hour delivery

Need a water cooler urgently? Take advantage of our rapid 24-hour delivery service for fast, hassle-free installation.

Regular maintenance

We provide regular maintenance for your water coolers, with minimal disruption.

Rapid assistance

Our team is on hand to provide fast, efficient repairs and keep your customers satisfied.